About the LBA

Larchmont Village is a unique and special slice of Los Angeles. Our singular sense of community is the primary ingredient that makes our Village so extraordinary. The LBA’s mission is to maintain the charm and safety that is critical for the Village – and in doing so, provide an ideal environment for our customers to shop, dine and gather.

Membership in the LBA provides the following benefits to your business and the Larchmont Boulevard community.


  • Advertise and promote Larchmont Village and LBA members in the local newspapers and on  social media, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Publicize your business on the LBA website
  • Publish and distribute a directory of LBA members to over 10,000 residents
  • Email newsletters of boulevard news and events to LBA members
  • Provide networking opportunities for business owners with community mixers throughout the year


  • Organize a wide variety of Village events including: sidewalk sales, Farmers Market, Taste of  Larchmont, the annual Larchmont Family Fair, and the Village Holiday Festival


  • Help beautify the boulevard by maintaining and replenishing flowers in planters and medians
  • Provide security services via SSA to each member free of charge
  • Work hand in glove with the Larchmont BID (Business Improvement District)
  • Monitor filming on the boulevard for smooth operation during business hours

Photo credits: Banner & historical photos – Ken Tobias, Marc Wanamaker, Joe Hoffman; Homepage menu photos – shop:Ampersand Boutique; food: Hal Trussel